IT Support Services


New for 2024, we are excited to have revamped our ask.listen.solve offering to focus on Tech Experience Workshops and Tech Learning Seminars.


Our workshop events provide for a “hands-on” experience and the chance to demonstrate the practicalities of your products or services. Whilst our seminar events more of a lecture style environment and format.

Tech Experience Workshops

Our technology workshops feature a combination of technical presentations and hands-on sessions designed where participants have the opportunity to engage with and learn about various technologies.


The format of a technology experience workshop can be tailored to suit your requirements, but typically includes demonstrations, interactive exercises, and discussions led by experts in the field.


The participants will gain hands-on experience with new software or emerging technologies, allowing them to explore and understand how these tools work in real-world scenarios. Our objective is not only to provide those key prospects knowledge-sharing but also to provide them with an excellent and premium platform for introducing organisations to new problem-solving technologies.


These events will allow you to engage with prospects on a practical level and to gather feedback on products, services, or technologies.


Tech Learning Seminars

Our technology seminars are easily adaptable for small or larger groups. These are session focused and allow for discussing and disseminating information about various aspects of technology.


You will be able to provide participants with insights into the latest trends, advancements, and developments in the field of technology.


With this unique platform you can encourage your audience to participate through Q&A sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities. Our primary objective is to share knowledge and information related to technology to key-decision makers.


Seminars may include workshops or hands-on sessions designed to enhance the skills of participants.

Venue or Hybrid Event Formats

For our workshops and seminars we offer either venue only options or hybrid events; allowing you to target a wider audience.

Tailored Events

We offer half and full day events and each can be tailored to suit your practical teaching requirements.

Hassle Free

We cover every facet from venues, to planning, to attendee acquisition and then managing the live event. Leaving you to focus on the important aspects of developing the message and learning process with attendees.

Customer Branding

Prior to the event you are promoted as the hosts and we display your logo and company introduction on the event Micro Site, and promote your as the sponsors in our outreach; ensuring that attendees are familiar with you.

Event Microsite

For all events we create a Micro Site for prospective attendees - Outlining event details, speakers, sponsor information and for event registration.

Event Mobile App

vailable for use by sponsors. It keeps delegates up to date with new information releases and event updates, speaker info, agenda, event sessions etc. and incorporates chat functions.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our level of customer service and are happy to support our clients at any time, to ensure the best event outcome.