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From a client’s perspective, there are of course pros and cons with virtual events over the normal physical nature of our events. However, CxO Helix strongly believe that in conjunction with the concepts of more remote working and potentially less travel due to environmental issues. That virtual events will have an important role for many companies and augment their marketing campaigns, far into the future.


Our Virtual Round Tables provide the perfect solution for company’s looking to host an intimate online event. Combined with our Attendee Acquisition Campaigns, we will provide an audience comprising of CxO’s and other senior roles to match your target criteria and industry sectors.


If it is an event with guest speakers, panel discussions or presentations with a larger audience you require, then we offer Webinars or Hybrid Events.


With an online event you are not restricted by city, region or country, you are able to widen your target market to ensure you are meeting with the right people.


Online events are cheaper alternative to venue events, as you do not have event costs such as food and beverages, venue hire etc. and sundries like travel.

Hassle Free

We take care of managing the event platform on the day, so that you can focus on your presentation and developing the conversation with attendees

Client Branding

Prior to the event you are promoted as the hosts and we display you logo on the online platform, ensuring that attendees are familiar with you.


Online platforms offer extra functions that you can take advantage of including presenter spotlighting, polls, Q&A sessions, hand raising, chat functions etc.

Unique Experience

We are able to offer a range of event enhancements, that allow you to offer something extra at your event to create a memorable occasion for attendees.

Event Microsite

For all events we create a Micro Site for prospective attendees - Outlining event details, speakers, sponsor information and for event registration.

Prospect Connections

We will provide you with complete details of all attendees, including contact information - in line with GDPR legislation and as agreed when registering for an event.