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Project Title

Using Generative AI with Guardrails to Deliver Value to the Contact Center

Event Category

Tech Intelligence Dinner


The Rosewood Mansion, Dallas, USA
The Loews Regency, New York, USA

Prospect Campaign Targets

CDO (Digital) / CXO; SVP; VP; Head of; GM; Director; (Call & Contact Center - Channels - Customer Service - Customer Engagement - CX - Customer Communications - Customer Care, Distribution - Collections - Innovation - Digital Transformation)

Industry Sectors

Banking / Finance Services / Insurance / Recruitment / Legal / Accountancy / Business Consultants / Transportation (all) / Telecoms / FMCG / Healthcare / Auotomotive / Retail / eCommerce & Mail Order / Technology & IT Consultancy


Generative AI solutions like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google Bard have been making headlines throughout this year for their disruptive capabilities. However, the underlying technology of Large Language Models and Transformers has been around for several years and has been used in our AI solutions since 2019.

Generative AI enables many opportunities, but also has it’s challenges with adoption in the enterprise such as fabricating false information and issues with data security. Recognizing this challenge, we have developed proprietary generative AI with guardrails to improve accuracy and explainability and to maintain privacy with your data on our trusted platform.

Some of these innovative use cases enabled with Generative AI include Generative Knowledge Search across unstructured data in the enterprise, auto-summarization, and topic discovery.

Moreover, Generative AI enhanced with other AI solutions like our Conversational and Emotion AI enable better agent assistance capabilities as well as provide supervisors insights to better coach agents. The Platform provides the foundational unified layer for the enterprise to manage and configure these various AI capabilities across all our products.